a point moving with constant acceleration from A to B in a straight line has velocities u and v . find velocit?

  1. 1. A point moving with constant acceleration from A to B in a straight line has velocities u and v at A and B respectively. Find its velocity at c, mid point of AB. Also show that if the time from A to C is twice that from C to B, v=7u

    2. A particle starts from rest and traverses a distance ‘s’ with uniform acceleration and then moves with acquired uniform velocity over a further distance of ‘zs’. Finally it comes to rest after moving thru a distance 3s under uniform retardation. Find the ratio of the average speed over the journey to the maximum speed?

    Answer by Bourne



    this is the way

  2. I thought that the Spanish v sounded like our b as in best, buddy, ball…. But when listening to Spanish speaking people they seem to pronounce it as v in have…

    When pronouncing it, is it por favor or por fabor?
    When do you pronounce v as b and when do you pronounce it as v?

    Answer by Daniuz
    You pronounce it like a regular “V”. Por faVor.

  3. A capacitor with an initial potential difference of 181 V is discharged through a resistor when a switch between them is closed at t = 0 s. At t = 10.0 s, the potential difference across the capacitor is 1.78 V. (a) What is the time constant of the circuit? (b) What is the potential difference (in V) across the capacitor at t = 16.2 s?

    Answer by billrussell42
    voltage on a cap, discharging
    v = v₀e^(–t/RC)
    R is resistance in ohms,
    C is capacitance in farads
    t is time in seconds
    RC = τ = time constant

    v = v₀e^(–t/RC)
    1.78 = 181e^(–10/τ)
    e^(–10/τ) = 0.00983
    –10/τ = –4.622
    τ = 2.164 seconds

    v = v₀e^(–t/RC)
    v = 181e^(–16.2/2.164)
    v = 0.1014 volts


Look at this Piece of content – Tricks On How To Get The Best Grades In College

Avoid waiting for the last minute: apply for grants and scholarships early enough. If you have good funding in place well in advance, you won't have to borrow as much. Figure out a system that allows you to manage your finances and allows you to apply for things quickly.Your high school popularity won't be important in college. College will demand different skills and an adjustment period for you to feel comfortable. Keep going and push yourself to do better, you will get the most out of your education this way. Take water with you to class. Staying hydrated is important to your health and that can be hard when you are stuck in classrooms all day. This is even more crucial if your classes run one right after another and you just do not have the time to hydrate or eat. Drinking water throughout the day will help you stay focused and on-task. You can refill water bottles at many different water fountains.Memorize your schedule, and know the location of your classes before school begins. Time yourself to get a feel for how quickly you'll have to walk to get from class to class. Look Over A Lot More

Can Internet Affiliate Marketing Support Your Organization?

If you a selling a product online, you should provide images of the product and customer reviews. The more information about the product you give a prospective buyer, the more you increase your chances of gaining a customer who will be happy with their purchase, and possibly provide you with more business later.As commented on earlier, affiliate marketing is a great reciprocal way to attract more business and direct business toward those affiliate who direct customers your way. By understanding the affiliate marketing methods and variances, then you can take part in this marketing boon. Adopting the strategies outlined above can greatly increase traffic to your business.Always look for the affiliate services that give you the products and services that you need. While you want some diversity in your affiliate network, you also want to connect with companies you truly like and trust. Being selective about your affiliates will provide some assurance that you will be able to work effectively and comfortably together for a long time. When selecting an affiliate marketing program, Look Over A Lot More

The Steps To Making Affiliate Marketing Online More Lucrative

If you need money quickly, try using an affiliate program that has various payment options. You will find companies paying by PayPal or AlertPay, as well as companies that only mail checks at specific thresholds in earnings.Something every affiliate marketer should understand is that signing up for a pay-per-sale affiliate marketing plan is risky. But if it works well, they can lead to a great deal of money. Make sure you put in the time to adequately research all of your affiliates before you implement them in your site.There are good and bad affiliate websites. You will run into some difficulties when sites are not well written or easy to navigate. A proactive webmaster would never allow poor affiliate sites to harm their profits. This establishes a reputation of being helpful and increases trust and sales. Before you go, you can browse this , Bet365. Paid advertising will provide top dollar through your programs. Drive sales and gain more site traffic by purchasing targeted keyword ads. More traffic means higher profits, so the investment is well worth-while.You can earn Look Over A Lot More

Just what I presume – Excellent Iphone Tips That Are Simple And Anyone Can Use

Spend some time reviewing the tutorials that Apple offers to discover all the functionality of your iPhone. There is a tutorial for almost every application, so that you can easily learn how to best use your phone. You will quickly find resolutions to your problems by using the tutorials.Getting a larger keyboard makes web browsing simpler. In order to get a bigger keyboard, you don't even need to purchase one. Put the iPhone to the side and in Safari, tap on the address bar. Your keyboard is larger and easier to use for fast and efficient typing.Battery management apps are a great iPhone tool. There are a few available, and they can let you know where the most amount of battery power is being used and what can be changed to extend the battery life. In addition, they can let you know when you should calibrate, which will allow you to maintain a healthy battery. There is no need to press X every time AutoCorrect attempts to correct a word. Just tap the screen anywhere instead. This closes the box and will save you some time.To save a message that you are working on for later Look Over A Lot More

Fact of Memory???

What is the fact of Chemicals which make memories? Answer by Bren at RITPsychologists and physiologists believe that memories reside in an organ located in the brain called the Hippocampus. Its somewhere in the middle, and is responsible for retaining memory. How does it work? Nobody really knows. Maybe it works similar to a computer memory where a series of switches (or chemicals) are either on or off. i wanted to know Different between virtual memory and physical memory and how much virtual memory we can have i mean virtual memory limits Answer by Daniel CPhysical memory is, of course, the actual RAM installed in the machine. Virtual memory is a special file maintained by the system into which parts of active memory can be swapped into for later use thus freeing physical memory. The decision made by the system as to what can or cannot be swapped out is made by the programmers. Virtual memory is limited by the size of the hard drive on which the swap file is installed but while there is no file size limit (except for whatever limits the file system itself Look Over A Lot More

Really effective – Use These Tips To Get Started With Facebook Marketing Today!

Stay current with new features on Facebook. If your subscribers start using new features, you must keep your campaign current. Do not hesitate to test new features before you know how interested your subscribers will be. If you have a Facebook page, make sure that it has a clear theme. If you sell baby clothes, all images and text should be focused on, well, baby outfits. It should mention variations of "baby clothing", "baby outfits", "cute baby shirts", etc. Brand the whole page so people know what they're getting once there. Think about why your page exists. Are you simply trying to get the word out about your company and new products? Or, is the page functioning as a forum for better communication with your customers? Once you have a clear picture of what you want your page to do, you can begin working on your marketing goals.Those who use Facebook as a marketing tool need to make sure there are ways to interact with potential consumers. By design, Facebook is a social network. Most people use Facebook to communicate and share with others, so make sure that you are providing Look Over A Lot More

Earning Money Online Is Esay With One Of These Ideas

Keep books on how you are performing from month to month. Some people go as far as actually publishing their income reports online. These are an excellent way to keep you motivated along your online income journey. It forces you to analyze your numbers and whats working versus what isnt working. Try doing some surveys online. You will not make as much money as you would with some other types of online work. These surveys usually do not take long, and they usually just ask for your opinion. If you join a legitimate survey site, those cents can quickly add up to some extra cash. Beware sites where you have to make a bid to complete someones work. These sites devalue you based on the fact that the lowest bid most frequently wins. There will be some people hiring on these sites who are decent, of course, but the bulk just want their work done cheaply. One good way to make online is by becoming a affiliate to a reputable company. As an affiliate, you get a percentage of any sales that you refer people to make. If you are marketing a popular product, and customers are clicking through Look Over A Lot More

Jeff Tweedy

Jeff Tweedy Event on 2014-06-10 18:30:00 with The Minus 5 Jeff Tweedy is one of the most daring songwriters of his generation and his band Wilco vital, adventurous . . . breaking new stylistic ground with each ambitious and creatively restless album. Salon.comAs the founding member and leader of the American rock band Wilco and before that the co-founder of alt-country band Uncle Tupelo, Jeff Tweedy is one of contemporary American musics most accomplished songwriters, musicians and performers. Since starting Wilco in 1994 Tweedy has written original songs for eight Wilco albums and collaborated with folk singer Billy Bragg to bring musical life to three albums-full of Woody Guthrie-penned lyrics in the Mermaid Avenue series.Tweedy has had a firm hand in producing all of Wilcos eight studio albums, and over the past decade has created the Wilco loft, a state-of-the-art recording studio and rehearsal space on Chicagos North Side where eccentric vintage instruments sit side by side with near classics . . . industrial-grade shelves filled to the ceiling with guitar cases Look Over A Lot More

Using Google Adsense To Profit From Your Blog

It is important to have an intelligent blogging plan. If you were opening a new business, you wouldn't jump in without a plan. Approach your blogging with a professional attitude, and develop a plan ahead of time. Having a plan will help you progress as intended and achieve your goals.Update your blog frequently. In order to increase your site traffic and maintain it properly, you must always post new content. If there is nothing new to read, your visitors will not return. Try to aim for posting at least one time every day. Advertisements play an important role in blogging and are utilized by most bloggers as a way to make revenue. However, if you have too many ads, readers may get frustrated and leave. They'll see your site as a spam site, and will seek out a site that looks more professional.Lists do have a place in a well-written blog. Lists are a good way to break down key points, ingredients or steps for easier reference. Lists are useful for organizing and highlighting a post's most important information, and readers appreciate them.Create a plan for your blog. If you Look Over A Lot More

Essential Information About Creating Wealth On The Net

Most online money making ventures are legitimate, but scams are out there, so be careful. This makes it essential to look into every company prior to beginning with them. Do a bit of research on any online company that you are interested in working for. As you can see, there is a host of money-making opportunities waiting for you online. Whether you have a degree or not, there is opportunity for you to make money with the help of your computer. You will really enjoy making a full or passive income thanks to the opportunities out there waiting for you! Dont be afraid to make contact with real people, just because youre looking for money making opportunities online. While most sites are self-explanatory and can be operated with little to no assistance, you can find out more about legitimacy by conducting conversations with site owners or other employees. If you dont hear back anything, that could be a red flag! Try mystery shopping. It is likely that you have heard about mystery shoppers. Usually they go into a store and rate the experience. More and more of these individuals Look Over A Lot More

Check Out These Tips About Earning Money Online To Acquire Thorough Understanding Of The Topic

If you are a good writer, there are many opportunities for you online when it comes to making extra money. I recommend you to check out this later on , Sky Bingo. For example, check out article writing sites where you can create content to be used for search engine optimization. Many pay more than a few cents per word, making it worth your while..Design unique logos for some of the new startup sites on the web. This is a great way for you to show the talent that you have and also help someone out who is not artistically skilled. Negotiate the price with your client in advance before you provide your service. Create honest reviews of some of the new software that is out on the market today. SoftwareJudge is a site that will pay you to try out this new software and create a review of how good or bad you think it is. This will skyrocket your earnings if you can do this often. Sign up for a site that will pay you to read emails during the course of the day. You will simply get links to scan over different websites and read through miscellaneous text. This will not take you a Look Over A Lot More

Tips To Managing Your Acid Reflux Problem

Shed some excess pounds. Being overweight, especially when most of the additional pounds are located on your stomach, can worsen your acid reflux symptoms. The additional fat around the stomach increases pressure put on the stomach, increasing the chances of acid reflux. The more you lose, the less you will suffer. You should drink between meals rather than during them. Drinking and eating simultaneously will put more pressure on your esophagus. When this happens, stomach acid moves upward and damages your esophageal lining.If you are a smoker, you must quit! Smoking may actually be the root cause of your acid reflux. It makes digestion slow down and causes an increase in stomach acid, and it slows down saliva production on top of all that. It also weakens the muscles that keep your stomach closed tight. So stop smoking now.Alcoholic beverages can make acid reflux worse. Alcohol can cause havoc on your stomach, which can hurt your digestive capabilities. Try to limit your alcohol when you go out with friends so you don't suffer from reflux all night.Keep track of the types Look Over A Lot More


Selected Trendy laundry Snapshots

  1. laundry
    Image by bies
    not that you care, but being a housewife, this rain is not amusing. I keep running around with dry, half-dry, half-wet, wet and soaking wet laundry. But I like the lens.

  2. Laundry

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    We took a road trip from Connecticut, to Iowa and then down to Texas. We did our laundry in Texas

When You Want To Produce Your Dwelling On-line, These Guidelines Will Assist

Be just as dependable as an online worker as you would be in person. While its easy to take a relaxed approach when youre working at your leisure in fuzzy slippers, people will come to depend on you. In order to protect your online income, you must protect your online reputation as a reliable worker and valued employee. Create a daily schedule for yourself. You have to persevere to make money online. There is no magic road to riches. You have to be willing to put in the effort each and every day. Make sure that you get up in the morning, work a set work schedule and have an end time as well. An hour each day could be a big difference!Many people make quite a bit of money by filling out surveys and participating in online studies. There are numerous websites that offer this kind of work, and it can be quite lucrative. It is important that you check out the reputation and validity of any website offering survey work before joining and supplying your sensitive information. Make sure the site has a good rating with the BBB or other consumer protection agency. It should also have Look Over A Lot More

How I fully grasp – Simple Advice For Dealing With Acid Reflux

One easy way to combat the symptoms of acid reflux is by chewing gum, especially after meals. Acid is neutralized in the stomach due to increased saliva production. You also swallow more often when chewing. This assists in keeping acid down in the stomach, right where it should be. You definitely should add a little honey to your daily diet. While the jury is still out on the true benefits of honey, it has helped some to kick their acid reflux to the curb. That is why you can improve acid reflux symptoms by consuming honey. Raw, unpasteurized honey is a much better choice than pasteurized. To help avoid nightly acid reflux attacks, do not eat before bedtime. Digestion occurs as soon as you eat. This causes acid production to begin. Not eating prior to going to bed helps you have less stomach acid.Raise the head of your bed. Lift the head of your bed by placing risers, bricks or wooden blocks beneath the legs. The head of the bed should be six inches more elevated than the bottom of the bed. You can stop stomach acid from rising into your esophagus by elevating your chest and Look Over A Lot More

Home Security Systems: Dos, Donts, Musts As Well As Other Guidance

Motion sensitive lights are an inexpensive way to increase your homes security. Nighttime security lights are affordable and effective in terms of security and handy in terms of visibility and safety. Intruders will not be able to sneak into your home if you place your motion detector in the right spot. When youre dealing with a security company that provides you with significant equipment to install, ask about the benefits and drawbacks of buying versus leasing. Youll spend less money in the long-run if you buy the equipment outright. Leasing may Garage Door Repair Henderson Nv seem cheaper but might require contractual agreements and fees. Look at both of these to see what works for you. Deadbolts are the best locks for your doors because they contain captive keylocks. These type of locks have a latch that cannot be reached through an open window. Any time your are in your home, the key should be left in the lock. This allows you to escape quickly in the event of a fire. Do not use spring latch locks on your doors. Just one credit card can get a burglar access to your home. Look Over A Lot More

Phrases Of Guidance About Affiliate Marketing

If youre on the hunt for a profitable business opportunity, you might just be interested in affiliate marketing. Its simple enough to understand, but you would be surprised at just how many people get things wrong when marketing. Pay attention to the information in this article. It just might help choose your next business opportunity. As an affiliate marketer a good thing to remember is that internet traffic spikes heavily at Christmas. This is not just standard traffic, it is looking and ready to make a purchase. Consider building a site around a product that will make a great Christmas gift and make sure to utilize SEO to improve your search engine rankings in time for the Holiday shopping season. Your company may want to check this out too Guts. Work your affiliate marketing plan to make it work for you. All the tips in the world will not earn you any money in affiliate marketing unless you actually apply them. Not every product will be a winner and there is a chance your efforts will not always be rewarded. But taking action gets you much closer to rewards any day Look Over A Lot More

Current Refreshes – Juicing: How To Improve Your Diet With Drinks

Adding the pulp back to your juice is very beneficial. Pulp is full of fiber, and since most juicers pulverize fruits and vegetables beyond recognition, you probably won't even realize you're ingesting it. Whether you add no pulp, a little pulp, or a lot of pulp is a matter of taste, but do think about the fiber when making your choice. Juicing is not only good for you, it can add taste and variety to your diet. You will be healthier, live longer and feel as good as you ever have. Take the advice here to enhance your juicing experience in an effective and affordable way.While you make your juice, you are sure to produce lots of pulp. The amount of pulp depends on the kinds of vegetables or fruit you are using. The fiber provided in this pulp can be saved and used in future drinks.If getting older is taking its toll on your energy and stamina, consider the nutritional boost of adding home made juice to your diet. Juice offers several nutrients that may help assist your memory, ease pain in your joints or begin to slow free radical cell death.Juicing is a wonderful and healthy Look Over A Lot More

Useful Strategies For Ensuring Internet Marketing Good results

When you have a sports themed website, your customers are going to come to your website seeking all things sporting related. Your links have to be related to sports if you want them to click the links. Readers that visit your site are more apt to click the links related to the content you feature.Affiliate marketing often attracts business owners as it is a system that requires little overhead or initial cost. There is no heavy lifting, shipping costs, or inventories to manage. However, if you plan to make a sustainable income using affiliate marketing, you must beware that it does require some hard work. Check in with merchants and vendors who sell products you like, and see if they have direct affiliate programs for your website. Affiliate networks might seem to dominate the affiliate marketing game, but it is quite possible for you to build a profitable strategy without them. Contacting quality vendors on your own will ensure your affiliate products are the ones you can endorse enthusiastically. Use reviews from individuals that have tried these products and make sure you Look Over A Lot More

Best Direct TV Prices in North Carolina

I just moved back to Raleigh, North Carolina, which is where I went to school, at North Carolina State University. I really like the area, and that is the reason why I have decided to move back. I also have found a good opportunity for work in the area, and that is actually probably the biggest reason for the move. I am currently looking into deals for direct tv in north carolina and I want to find a good price some sort of television package that includes a lot of channels.

I have never tried satellite television before, but it should make for an interesting experience. I have heard some good things, and it was actually one of my friends that convinced me to give it a shot. I was just going to go through a local cable provider, but my friend changed my mind. I am looking forward to looking into the types of deals that they have.

I am not sure how many channels i really need, but I do want to get as many channels as I can, for a price that seems reasonable and affordable to me. I do not think that I want to pay much more than fifty dollars per month, on my television service. If I can get a couple hundred channels on my television, for that type of price, then I will definitely be happy. I want to make sure that I get a lot of channels that broadcast sports, because that is one of my biggest interests. When I have free time, I like to watch sporting events of all sorts. I am even interested in more esoteric sports such as Australian league Rugby, and horse racing. But everyone has their own tastes, so I don't find it to be all that odd.

Look Over A Lot More

Awesome : d – Clear Your Airway At Night With These Sleep Apnea Tips

If you suffer from sleep apnea, make sure to get sinus and allergy problems treated. Having sleep apnea means you already struggle to breathe during the night. One issue is enough when battling for air when you are asleep. Eliminating your nasal problems maintains a clear airway, which will increase the chances that you will sleep better.Check out a specialist. Your regular doctor can help come up with solutions to sleep apnea, but seeing a specialist who deals with sleep apnea can recommend the best possible treatment for it. They'll be able to teach you more about the issues that are factoring into your sleep apnea. They will be able to show you multiple ways in which you can manage your apnea. There is a simple fix you can use to help improve the quality of your sleep if you have sleep apnea. Sleeping at random times can disrupt your sleep, so go to bed each night at the same time. Keeping your bedroom environment as conducive to healthy, undisturbed sleep as possible is very important. Without the right conditions, you may induce insomnia.People who suffer from sleep apnea Look Over A Lot More

Personal Finance Methods To Implement Nowadays!

Even small things can make a difference in your personal finances. Avoid buying your coffee, and start brewing your own every morning. If you take your own coffee you can save a lot of money. Ride the bus instead of taking your car. This could easily save you a few hundred dollars in a month. The money you save from doing this quickly adds up for use towards retirement or an expensive item you want. Next time you consider picking up a latte, remember this advice and consider the merits of delayed gratification.Frequent flier programs are great for people who travel by air a great deal, whether it be for business or recreation. There are a lot of credit card companies that reward you with free or reduced airfare for making certain purchases. Frequent flier miles can also often be redeemed at a variety of hotels for free rooms or discounted stays. You should use a flexible spending account to your advantage. If you incur medical costs, or have a child that you pay a daycare bill, a flexible spending account can save you money. Having these accounts will help you build a savings Look Over A Lot More

Techniques That Will Help You To Get The Most From Your Own Personal Money

Use the store brand instead of the national brand. Much of the national brands costs goes to funding the advertisement for their products. Choose the less expensive generic option instead. There is seldom any discernible difference in taste, performance, or quality.Balance your checkbook online if you dont want to do it the old-fashioned way. Most banks offer an online banking service to their customers. You could also download software to help you keep track of your expenses, and plan ahead of time.Change your trading plans with your goals. If your personal goals change, and no longer match up with the strategy you are using in the market, it may be time to change it up a bit. When your financial situation changes, reevaluating your goals and methods will help you manage your trades more effectively. If your paycheck is entirely spent before the end of the week, you will want to decrease your discretionary spending. A good example of this would be dining out. If you eliminate this luxury altogether, you will likely not be able to stay committed for very long. However, if Look Over A Lot More

How To Save Money Even Following A Tight Expense plan

If you buy protein in large quantities, you will reduce both your bills and number of grocery trips. If you use everything you purchase, buying in bulk can be much cheaper. You can save time by spending one day cooking enough meals with this meat that will last you all week.Everyone makes stupid money decisions every now and then. In the event you miscalculate the available balance in your account, you may be successful in getting your bank to waive the overdraft fee. This request is normally granted one time. If you are looking for ways to spend less money on food while traveling abroad, you should find out where the locals eat. The tourist trap restaurants and hotel eating establishments are probably overpriced. Look online before your trip, and figure out where the local people eat. You will find better tasting food at lower prices.When you ignore your finances, they quickly become a jumbled mess. If you feel like this is happening to you, take some time to get informed about your money, so you can gain control. You will find out how to organize your finances with the information Look Over A Lot More

Look at this Write-up – Clean Your Plate! Cooking Tips For You!

The night before you cook, try to prepare as much as possible. If you do so, you'll save on electricity by not running an oven that you aren't yet using. You are also adding a measure of safety by not getting distracted with another task and forgetting about a hot pan on the stove.Adding cauliflower to your mashed potatoes is a great way to reduce the amount of fat and calories they contain. You should use equal portions of potatoes and cauliflower when making this delicious side. Cauliflower's neutral taste means that it blends easily with the flavor of the potatoes, butter and milk. Your mashed potato dish will also look the same if you add cauliflower, allowing it to retain its color and texture while taking the calories out of your potatoes. It is extremely important to prepare your ingredients before you begin cooking your meal for a group. Be certain that you have every ingredient you will need on hand. Get out everything that you'll need including the ingredients and utensils a day ahead of time. This can seriously reduce stress and anxiety levels. To avoid getting Look Over A Lot More

Advantageous Counseling To Help With Particular person Fund

When planning a budget, consider opening multiple checking accounts. You can have an account that all of your bills will come out of and one that your spending money goes into. If you are in the situation that you can pay your bills every month, you can keep track of where you are spending your money. A great thing to possess is a working knowledge about finances. Your life will be a lot less stressful if you know how to manage your hard earned money effectively. By heeding this advice you will get the biggest bang for your buck while meeting all your financial expectations.Even if you have a solid financial plan and budget, money problems can still occur unexpectedly throughout the year. Find out what late fees are charged, and how late you can pay your rent without getting into serious trouble. Look at your choices before entering a year-long lease. Having an account for rainy days is a wise way to prepare for emergencies. Depending on your situation, you may choose to save in order to get out of debt or for a future expense. There are ways to negotiate with debt collectors. Look Over A Lot More

Learn All About Leadership With These Tips.

Making a great first impression is always essential. Keep in mind how important that first impression is, because it can help set the stage for everything afterwards. Respect will be gained and your leadership reputation will be enhanced.Being a great leader is not all about paying too much attention to every move that people make. It is about showing people the best way to do things and allowing them to show you that they are capable. You have to provide encouragement and reinforcements to help them do their best. Now you should have the confidence to become an effective leader. Use these tips in order to keep improving your skills. Work on becoming a leader and getting the most out of your experiences. Continue to learn new leadership techniques and innovative methods for conducting business. Continuing your education will give you a better understanding of how your younger employees think. A new perspective will help you improve your leadership style while also giving you the tools to be competitive in an ever-changing market. Leadership is a position that takes time to Look Over A Lot More

Pool and Billiard Halls in the US Industry Market Research Report Now Available from IBISWorld

Industry revenue will continue to decrease amid heightened competition and low participation. For these reasons, industry research firm IBISWorld has added a report on the Pool and Billiard Halls industry to its growing industry report collection. New York, NY (PRWEB) May 07, 2014 The Pool and Billiard Halls industry steadily declined over the past five years, with revenue falling due to stagnant income growth following the recession. Consumer confidence in the economy sharply declined, causing consumers to sharply decrease discretionary spending on leisure and entertainment. According to the Sports and Fitness Industry Association, 56.7% of billiards participants are aged 25 to 54, a demographic group that was hard hit by the recession. Despite the gradual economic recovery in recent years, demand for pool halls continued to suffer due to low consumer confidence and high external competition. As a result, IBISWorld expects industry revenue to fall at an annualized rate of 0.4% to $ 750.0 million in the five years to 2014. Long-term pool and billiards participation Look Over A Lot More