Bingo Chips on a White Napkin

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Numerous Interesting bingo Pics

  1. Bingo Chips on a White Napkin
    Image by Scott Ableman
    At the annual Lower School Bingo Night, I got a little bored, borrowed my sons point-and-shoot camera, found the macro setting, and arranged some objects…

  2. Bingo The Beagle
    Image by peasap
    This is my dog, Bingo. Hes an overweight Beagle, around 12/13 years old. Im not 100% sure as we got him from a Beagle rescue place in LA called Beagles and Buddies about 6 years ago.

    Hes a very sweet and mild dog but getting old.
    *Best Viewed at a larger size.

  3. Bingo cards
    Image by sarae
    Made the trip down to Janesville to see my grandmother. It coincided with her bingo day, so I tagged along – but didnt win.