Between Banking 0.5 and 2.0

The “financial and economic crisis” has held back in recent weeks with new dramatic headlines. This does not mean that the crisis must have reached a turning point or is even coming to an end. In the last few weeks, however, tender hop-plantlets germinate. Encouraging reports that banks trust each other again more. Meanwhile, it

We Have Not Learned Anything

Recently, they have recently completed a system of fundamentally established beliefs 2.0, which raises additional questions in favor of those who still remember the mistakes of the age of foreign currency lending. It is already evident that society is frighteningly easy to forget and, from a few years’ perspective, to make the same cyclical mistakes.

How to refuse a money loan?

Even if you have savings on your account and you can afford a loan, you do not have to do it. Especially when you have reasonable doubts as to whether the person you loan money will return it to you. We advise how to refuse a money loan Do you want to lose a friend?