Fact of Memory???

  1. What is the fact of Chemicals which make memories?

    Answer by Bren at RIT
    Psychologists and physiologists believe that memories reside in an organ located in the brain called the Hippocampus. Its somewhere in the middle, and is responsible for retaining memory. How does it work? Nobody really knows. Maybe it works similar to a computer memory where a series of switches (or chemicals) are either on or off.

  2. i wanted to know Different between virtual memory and physical memory and how much virtual memory we can have i mean virtual memory limits

    Answer by Daniel C
    Physical memory is, of course, the actual RAM installed in the machine. Virtual memory is a special file maintained by the system into which parts of active memory can be swapped into for later use thus freeing physical memory. The decision made by the system as to what can or cannot be swapped out is made by the programmers.

    Virtual memory is limited by the size of the hard drive on which the swap file is installed but while there is no file size limit (except for whatever limits the file system itself puts on file size, like 4G for FAT32) there is a practical limit. As mentioned earlier not all elements residing in RAM can be swapped out and, more importantly, accessing swapped-out elements is very slow – hard drives are extremely slow compared to physical RAM access.

  3. Within temptations memories.. can someone provide me with the lyrics?? :)

    Answer by Lindsay H

    In this world you tried
    not leaving me alone behind
    Theres no other way
    I prayed to the gods let him stay
    The memories ease the pain inside,
    now I know why

    All of my memories keep you near
    In silent moments imagine youd be here
    All of my memories keep you near
    Your silent whispers, silent tears Head Over to Affiliate AD with reference to Bet365 :

    Made me promise Id try
    to find my way back in this life
    I hope there is a way
    to give me a sign youre ok
    Reminds me again its worth it all
    so I can go home

    Repeat chorus

    Together in all these memories
    I see your smile all the time
    All the memories I hold dear
    Darling, you know Ill love you
    til the end of time

    Repeat chorus

    All of my memories….