How to play poker ??

  1. How to play poker and what are the rules?

    Answer by brettj666
    buy a book for it. It is WAY too involved to answer in 1000 characters or less

  2. i dont really know how to play poker and i would like to know.

    Answer by expert_insight
    More info needed. What kind of poker? Texas Holdem? Cash games or tournaments? Limit or no-limit?
    There are many great books and DVDs out there that will teach you the game. Phil Gordon has written 2 great books on poker. His DVD, Final Table Poker has been called one of the best poker learning tools available.
    I would start with his books and practice online for play money until you get the feel for the game.
    Dan Harrington has written some great books as well.
    Caros Book of Tells is a must have.
    Gordon outlines all of the best materials in his books.
    Start there.

  3. how do you exactly play poker?


    Answer by thisguy
    First you have to choose what variation of poker you want to play, “Poker” is a generic term for a number of card games. A few are Holdem, which is currently popular and I figure this is what you are wanting to learn, Stud, Omaha, Lowball, Razz and the list goes on and on.

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    After you choose which youd like to learn and play, you then can go to a site like Full Tilt Poker or Pokerstars, download their client and find the style youd like to learn. Just play there free chips for now and learn how the game is played, like the betting order, how the cards come out, how many cards each player gets etc.

    You can also fine books at for pretty much any game you are looking to learn. Find a book, read it and read it again, once you are done read it again. Then find another book and read it.

    You can also try and get small home games together for small buy in, like $ 5 a player. Try to work in some of the things that youve read. Now in no way am I saying play exactly like the book says. Poker is a game of situations and every situation will be different.

    At the beginning you should start out playing only the top 10 hands, google “top 10 no limit poker hands” and you should be able to find what Im talking about. After you play for a while youll start to find you style, what works and doesnt work. What ends up not working, look back at your hand and how it was played to see what couldve or shouldve been done differently.

    Poker is a longer term game. If you are a good player and make the proper EV+ plays, in the long run variance will equal out and you will be a head. Just remember though, anyone one can be lucky today or tomorrow.

    Hope this was helpful and Good Luck at the Tables,