Let’s find out the best Italian private loans of this 2019. All you need to know about this particular type of financing. Let’s see how you can receive secure private loans online. Based on the economic conditions and reliability of individuals we will see what is the best loan in Italy.

Loan between Private Italians 2019: how it works and how to avoid scams

Loan between Private Italians 2019: how it works and how to avoid scams

The types of loans available in Italy in 2019 are really a lot. For this reason it is good to analyze each financial product in order to identify the most convenient one based on those that are our needs. Among the solutions that especially in recent years have become widespread in Italy and not only that of private loans. If in the past to receive funding we were obliged to go to the bank and accept the economic conditions offered by our company, today the financing market has completely revolutionized. Through a computer and an internet connection it is possible to compare all the best solutions available, including those offered by banks and financial institutions to those of individuals willing to offer their loan capital to all those who need a certain sum of money. In this page we will take care of this form of financing, to find out how it works and how to get the best loan by avoiding any scams that can be found on the web.

First of all, it is good to specify that private loans are for all intents and purposes of personal loans. From the point of view of the general characteristics there are in fact no particular differences with the loans offered by banks and financial institutions. The simplest form of private loans is that of loans between family members. It often happens that a parent decides to lend money to his child, to pay for his studies or start a project for which he needs a certain initial investment. In this case it is a loan in all respects, even if it is an interest-free loan and therefore the payment of interest is not provided for. To avoid any kind of problem in case of control by the Inland Revenue it is necessary that both parties sign a private writing, in which the personal data of the provider of the loan and of the beneficiary must be reported, the conditions of the financing and the delivery date.

In the event that you do not have the possibility to receive the cheapest loan from your family, you can still get the amount desired by Italian private individuals interested in investing their capital. Browsing the web you can find many offers of loans between individuals, many times in excellent condition. When it comes to this type of financing, considering that you do not turn to authorized banks and financial institutions, it is important to pay attention to any scams that can be found online and not only. Unfortunately, it may happen to run into people ready to take advantage of the difficulty in receiving a loan, to offer it on too inconvenient conditions. In this sense, the Italian law defines the wear thresholds for the various types of financing. For example, for personal loans, the threshold rate is 16.43%, while for the finalized loan the maximum applicable interest rate is equal to 15.70%. In the event that for a loan between individuals you are offered an interest rate that exceeds the relative threshold of usury you must first avoid accepting the loan, as it is a scam. At the same time, you can take legal action against the private person who offered you the loan.

Loans from safe private and online: who to contact to receive the best loan in Italy

Loans from safe private and online: who to contact to receive the best loan in Italy

If you are looking for a private loan, probably the safest and most convenient loans are those that can be found online. There are several platforms that offer this type of service and therefore allow customers interested in receiving a loan to get in touch with investors, interested instead to make a profit from their savings. Our advice is to address the ” social lending ” community, literally ” social loan “. This type of financing not only aims to bring an insured gain to investors, but also has a social purpose. Thanks to the social lending platforms, in fact, a young person with a good idea in mind has the possibility of asking for help from a community of investors to start the project that could change their lives. From this point of view it is much easier to receive help from individuals rather than from a bank that is not willing to risk its capital. Often, turning to private individuals, it is possible to receive the best loan in Italy, since there are no administrative fees and interest rates are extremely competitive.

As for classic personal loans, also for private loans, some requirements are required in order to have access to the desired credit. If you are a salaried employee or a retired person, you will only need to show your paycheck or pension slip in order to receive the desired loan, just as you would for classic personal loans. Even self-employed workers, who often turn to banks for problems in receiving the desired financing, can receive secure and convenient private loans through the online social lending platforms. The tax return will serve to demonstrate the earnings received in the last year, which must therefore be high enough to allow us to face the repayment installment that we want to fix. Usually online private loans do not allow unemployed persons without a paycheck to access the desired credit. In case you have, for example, a relative willing to act as guarantor in some cases it is possible to find an agreement with the private individual who is willing to offer us his loaned capital. So let’s see the best communities through which to receive secure private loans online.

Loans between reliable individuals with Preskomla: how to request a free quote

The first social lending platform we recommend is Preskomla. Visiting the website of this community you can request a loan in a few simple clicks, thanks to the 100% online procedure that can be completed in total security thanks to the use of digital signature. Let’s avoid being authorized by the Bank of Italy in its intermediation activity between customers looking for money and investors, which confirms the safety and reliability of this online platform. The types of financing available on Preskomla are different, so as to satisfy any customer needs. For example, it is possible to request a loan for the purchase of a car or a motorbike, for the renovation of the house and the expenses for the furniture, but also for organizing family ceremonies or a holiday.

A very useful service offered to us on the Preskomla website is the one that allows us to calculate a free online estimate. To do so, it is enough to select our credit rating, choosing the most correct evaluation on a scale that goes from “Sufficient” to “Excellent”. Obviously, it makes no sense to try to lie at this stage because it is only an example estimate. By choosing the desired amount and the number of installments we will immediately present the repayment installment and the applied Tan and Taeg interest rates. For example, for a request of 10000 euros with repayment in 42 months, if there is a good creditworthiness the installments will be equal to 279.76 euros and interest rates Tan 6.57% and Taeg 9.69%. The same loan if requested by a customer with an excellent credit rating can be repaid in installments of 262.45 euros and interest rates Tan 3.90% and Taeg 5.70%. The importance of the reliability of the client to obtain the best possible loan can therefore be seen.

Globatika: a social lending platform to receive loans at the best interest rates

Another very interesting social lending community is Globatika. Through this platform you can request a sum of money from 1000 euros to 15000 euros, with the possibility of repaying in a duration ranging from a minimum of 12 months up to a maximum of 48 months. The Globatika function is to put in contact applicants and lenders, in order to offer loans at the best interest rate to the former and at the same time guarantee excellent earnings to the latter. There are currently over 6400 investors registered on Globatika willing to lend their capital, which is why there will be no particular problem in obtaining the desired financing. Globatika in its activity is authorized by the Bank of Italy, which is why in this case we are talking about a 100% reliable platform.

Requesting a private loan through Globatika is very simple and is completely online. In fact, from the customer’s point of view, the request procedure is in all respects similar to that found on a bank or financial website. All we have to do is specify the desired amount, choose the duration and provide all the required documentation. The loan requested by us will be provided by various investors, each of which will offer a part of their capital. All this will be completely hidden from the Applicant, who will simply have to pay the repayment installments envisaged that Globatika will split between the Providers. With Globatika you can receive very convenient loans, with a Taeg starting from 5.60%.

Loans between people BLender: why can they be the best loans in Italy?

One solution to be taken into consideration is also that of loans between people we find in the BLender community. As already pointed out on the homepage of the site, the goal of BLender is to demolish the monopoly of banks and credit card companies in favor of customers interested in receiving funding and at the same time in favor of all private investors. The amount that can be requested with BLender ranges from a minimum of 1000 euros up to a maximum of 10,000 euros. When requesting a loan through this platform you can choose the conditions that you prefer. You can in fact decide the amount, the duration and also the day on which you prefer to pay the repayment installments.

BLender loans between individuals are aimed not only at employees and employees but also at the unemployed. In the application form, in addition to selecting the type of income you receive, you will need to specify the total monthly income of your family and the amount to which the recurring expenses for each month correspond on average. It is precisely on the basis of these two parameters that it will be assessed whether or not the granting of the loan requested by us is possible. Once the conditions of our loan have been defined, our request will be forwarded to all BLender Providers, who will then decide whether or not to offer part of their capital also on the basis of our creditworthiness and the purpose of our financing. Once the loan is granted, at a later stage the Lender will have the possibility to sell it to other investors, through the Re-Blend option, which will therefore allow the immediate return of the capital invested.

Online loans between individuals secure Soisy for online and in-store purchases

The last social lending platform that we present on this page is Soisy. This website, like all the others we have seen in the previous paragraphs, allows the exchange of loans between individuals, however in this case there are some differences. The main feature of private loans that are granted on Soisy is to be aimed exclusively at those who are interested in buying a good or service through one of the many e-commerce sites or directly in the store. Precisely for this reason the loans offered by individuals registered to the community of Soisy are not paid directly to customers who need it but to traders who are selling the good or service in question.

In this way there is a profit for everyone : for the customer who can make the purchase by choosing payment in installments, the merchant offering an alternative payment option can increase sales, and finally the investors, who will obtain a profit from own savings. Any store can become a Soisy partner without any activation fees, monthly fees or percentage fees. As we have already said, it is an excellent opportunity to offer its customers the possibility of paying in installments. Once the loan request is accepted, the merchant will immediately receive from Soisy the amount related to the value of the good or service offered, while the customer will simply have to pay the agreed repayment installments to the Soisy investors every month.



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